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Port maneuvers

We are a multipurpose port terminal, specialized in handling and keeping containers, general cargo, and project cargo, through quality and environmental care certified processes.


  • Vessel loading and unloading.
  • Delivery and reception of all kinds of goods.
  • Freight services (Prior inspection).
  • Weighing services, with certified VGM (Verified Gross Mass) scale/SOLAS.
  • Transfers.


  • 6.8 Hectares container yard.
  • Service area with a daily capacity of 200 containers.
  • 175 sockets for refrigerated containers.
  • Covered warehouse without modules/Racks.
  • Warehouse for LCL cargo (Less than Container Load)
    • 1870 Modules/Racks for imports.
    • 468 Modules/Racks for exports.
    • Each Module/Rack is 2 m3.
  • 2,000 m2 surface area of warehouses for rolls of sheet metal.


  • 3 Railway lines, 400 m.
  • 2 daily movements.
  • Daily capacity of 220 and up to 440 containers.

Loads with larger volume of operation:


General Cargo

Rolls of sheet metal.
Steel plates.
Wire rod and steel billet.
Super sacks.



Project cargo

Heavy pieces.
Oversized pieces.

Shipping lines we currently work with

Cosco Shipping
Wan Hai
Yang Ming


Maritime transportation global company, the fifth largest shipping line in the world, with over 150 vessels with a capacity of transportation of 560,000 TEUS; it has more than 315 service centers around the world, Asia, America, Europe, Middle East, Australia, and Africa.

Agent in Mexico: Naviomar S.A. de C.V.
Contact: Miguel Carmona
Contact phone number: 01 (55) 5091 4800

Cosco Shipping

Recent merge of China Shipping Container Lines (CSCL) with China Ocean Shipping Company (Cosco). Becoming the principal agent on dry cargo and hydrocarbons traffic, and the second on containers, with a fleet of 288 freight vessels.

Agent in Mexico: Cosco
Contact: Jose Enrique Fabela
Contact phone number: 01 (55) 4172 7100

Wan Hai

Vessel shipping line, with the most complete and intensive network available in Asia; currently, 15 of its 20 operating routes offer direct services to 43 important international commercial ports.

Agent in Mexico: Agunsa Shipping Agency
Contact: Daniel Bermúdez
Contact phone number: 01 (55) 5282 5478


Strong container transportation services network that covers the whole Far East to Europe, the Black Sea, Canada, the Indian subcontinent, the Red Sea / the Gulf, Africa, Oceania, Latin America, and the United States West Coast, positioned to cover OOG (Out of Gauche) loads and UC (Un-containerized Cargo), that range from crude oil, gas, construction projects, yachts delivery, and more.

Agent in Mexico: Representaciónes Marítimas (MARITIMEX)
Contact phone number: 01 (55) 6717 7803

Yang Ming

Yang Ming Marine Transport Corporation (Yang Ming) was established on December 28, 1972, and it currently has a fleet of 109 vessels with an operating capacity of 6 millon DWT / 593,000 TEU's.

Agent in Mexico: Representaciónes Marítimas (MARITIMEX)
Contact phone number: 01 (55) 6717 7803

Asia - South America Service (ASA)

Asia - South America West Coast Service (WSA)


We provide efficient management and design on services that add value to your supply chain for the handling of all kinds of goods through certified quality processes and environmental care.

ISO 9001:2015 Norm

In 2006 the certificate in the Quality Management System was obtained, renewing, and maintaining its validity now with comprehensive audits with the ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System.

Environmental quality

Environmental Quality Certification was obtained in 2008, granted by the Federal Government’s Environmental Protection Agency in Mexico (PROFEPA, by its Spanish acronym), and its renewal its obtained every two years, staying valid until today.

ISO 14001:2015 Norm

In 2011 a certificate was obtained in the Environmental Management System, being renewed, and having its validity now with comprehensive audits with the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System.

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